Pam Dinucci




About the Artist

I fell in love with ceramic art because of how it encompasses all of the four main elements of Nature. Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. I love that Nature herself is an artist and I enjoy that I am collaborating with those natural elements that are alive with their own Energy to weave a Song of the Earth in the form of a ceramic piece. My work has an organic style and feel to it and I will often include symbols from other cultures and beliefs to enhance the pieces I create.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy that inspires my work. It is rooted in Buddhism, focusing on accepting the imperfect yet beautiful nature of life and the art of finding beauty in imperfection. I feel that this outlook embraces the beauty of ceramic art as well. Sometimes what at first appears as a flaw in a finished piece can give it a lovely character of its own instead.

Although I have worked with other art mediums, I started creating with clay when I took a college class because it looked like it might be fun. Little did I know then that ten years later I am still inspired to work with clay! Even after a decade, I find that there is always something new to learn and practice, whether it is a new throwing or hand building technique, or a new glaze combination that I can incorporate into my work. Last, but certainly not least, it is still fun to play in the mud!

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