Deana Bada




About the Artist

I have been an observer of nature all my life. I am continually awestruck at the beauty of the natural world and the magic and mystery in every living thing. I also have a passion for other culture's mythologies. My work is a study of living forms, celebrating the structure of how something is made along with the transcendental presence of the subject. 

I also use the symbols from myths and religions of other cultures to tell a story or acknowledge the beauty of nature that those cultures revered and celebrated. Those symbols are present in the actual form or found objects that I incorporate in my work, which can be from the subjects' natural surroundings, life, or journey.

I have a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the Art Institute of Chicago, with a strong focus in anatomy and scientific illustraion. I have found sculpture to be a new vehicle for me in which I am able to express the beauty and stories woven in nature and the world around us.    

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