Lee Ristow




About Lee Ristow

Lee came to clay rather late in life by taking art classes at the local community college.  She now works out of ClaySpace Ceramic Art Center in Lisle.  She was the president for four years.  Lee has been "crafty" all of her life and wanted to find her medium.  She tried several:  drawing, watercolors, jewelry, and liked them all. But from the first time Lee tried clay, she knew that this was her "thing". 

Lee throws and hand builds, but she is most drawn to hand building.  Much of her work is inspired by nature, especially leaves and animals.  She often uses leaves from her own back yard, but has been known to suddenly stop while bicycling or walking to pick up a leaf that she finds interesting.  Travel often results in new groups of items: the Grand Canyon, the Arches National Park and the beach have inspired some of her work.  Lee is an eclectic potter and likes to try many things, like using colored clay bodies, coil building, weaving clay and adding texture or glass to pieces before firing.  Her “art” is constantly changing; it is a work in progress, like she is. 
Lee teaches a leaf workshop in the fall and occasional custom classes. 

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