Marie Gnesda




About Marie Gnesda

Marie began working with clay in a high school art class and was mesmerized by the Potter’s wheel.  She convinced the teacher to let her take the wheel home for the summer.  While Marie has worked in clay since then, she went to school for Business and graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

After moving to Chicago, she looked for a clay studio and found the College of DuPage where she later became President of the Clay People Club which focused on providing ceramic workshops for the students.  The Clay People Club was a stepping stone to ClaySpace.  After several years as a club the membership worked together to form the nonprofit ceramic center, ClaySpace.  Marie headed up the project as the Founding President.

You can move to any community and find a welcoming group at a Potter’s Studio.  Clay provides endless creative exploration using oh so many techniques, glazes, kinds of kilns and firings. At ClaySpace we encourage your continued education in this art form.

My classes are designed to teach you the steps to use clay successfully to make the piece you envision.  We use hand building and wheel throwing techniques to get you there.