Pauline Ares




About Pauline Ares

Pauline started taking classes at ClaySpace in January of 2008 and became a Resident Artist in January of 2009. Because ClaySpace is a cooperative studio, she has experience mixing glazes and firing programmable kilns to cone 04 bisque and cone 6 glaze. She has continued her ceramics education through various ceramics classes and workshops.  Growing in her art is a life-long passion and commitment.

Pauline does a lot of Sgraffiato carving, uses various methods of achieving texture and uses templates and folding methods to cut and manipulate slabs.  Her work utilizes both wheel and hand building methods and is inspired by the textures and colors found in nature.  She routinely uses a slab roller and extruder, slump and hump molds, as well as making her own molds and she uses commercial under glazes and makes her own slip colored with oxides and Mason stains.  Examples of her work is at .

Pauline’s ceramics classes encompass the many clay construction methods that do not incorporate the use of a potter’s wheel, such as slab, coil and pinch construction, with a primary focus on slab work.  Classes are structured around the experience levels and goals of each student.  Her students are exposed to a vast array of surface decoration options and glazing techniques.  Also, Pauline teaches various children’s’ classes as well as custom classes.

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